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Your Jaccount is your electronic account at SJTU. With it, you will have your own personal email account at SJTU, and more importantly, you can connect to the wifi on the campus.

We will set up your jaccount for you before your arrival. You will be given details of your jaccount on the registration day.  If for any reason, it hasn’t been set up for you, you can apply for it yourself. You can find guidance about setting up your jaccount at the following website;



There are 6 canteens on campus. The canteens serve all three meals :     breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During SJTU’s summer vacation (Mid-July to Mid-September), some of the canteens are not in operation.  Further notice would be given at a later time as the time varies yearly.

1. Breakfast7:00~8:30;  Lunch11:00~13:00;  Supper 16:30~19:00;

2. Breakfast7:00~8:30;  Lunch11:00~13:00;  Supper 16:30~19:00;

3. Breakfast7:00~8:30;  Lunch11:00~13:00;  Supper 16:30~19:00;

4. Breakfast7:00~10:00;  Lunch11:00~12:00;  Supper 16:30~18:30;

5. Breakfast6:30~9:00;  Lunch10:45~12:30 ;  Supper 16:45~18:30;



Hallo House (哈乐餐厅)

• Location: Around Dorm #17

• Chinese Fast Food

• Open Hour: 8:00-24:00

Fruit Rice in Omelette

• Fee: 8 RMB Each

Western-style food:

Glimid Pizza(吉姆利得)

• Location: the 2nd floor of Canteen #4,the 3rd floor of Canteen #5

• various choices of Italian/Western cuisine

at a reasonable price

• Open Hour: 10:00-22:00

• For delivery: 3420-1193

• Free delivery on campus

• Extra 7 RMB for delivery outside

(Korean food:Manna(Manna 韩国料理)

• Location: At Canteen #5

• authentic Korean cuisine

• Open Hour: 10:00 - 20:00

• For delivery: 3420-4403

• Free delivery on campus

(校园食代 xiao4 yuan2 shi2 dai4 )

• Location: Around Hualian Living Center

• Chinese snack:

Torn pancake(手抓饼 shou3 zhua1 bing3)

Chinese Omelette(鸡蛋灌饼 ji1 dan4 guan4 bing3)

Binghuo Siji BBQ(冰火四季 bing1 huo3 si4 ji4)



Timo Café

• Location: Opposite to the Dinning Hall #1

• Bread / cake / cookies / coffee / ice-cream

• Open hour: 7:30-22:30

University Café

· Location:Near the Dinning Hall #5

· Open Hour:10:30-21:00(Mon-Sat)



Roti Prata

(印度飞饼 yin4 du4 fei1 bing3)

• Location: 1st Floor in the Cateen#2

• Fillings: chocolate/banana/cheese/bacon

• Fee: depending on which filling(s) you put in

Fried Rice With Lamb

• Location: In Xinjiang Restaurant

(新疆餐厅 xin1 jiang1 can1 ting1)

2nd floor of the Cateen#2

• Fee: 10 RMB Each


Bank of China

It can be very useful and convenient to have a Chinese bank account while in China as using a foreign bank card overseas may incur charges. There are bank branches in and around both campuses where you can set up your bank account. ATMs can also be found around both campuses.

*Bank branches: 





Minhang Campus

Bank of China (BOC)

Next to Canteen 4 (第四餐饮)

9am - 5pm



Next to Canteen 3 (第三餐饮)

9am - 5pm

Xuhui Campus

Bank of China (BOC)

Exit the campus from gate 5 (Next to family mart)

9am - 5pm



Exit the campus from gate 5 (Next to family mart)

9am - 5pm


  Campus Bus

  • Minhang Campus Bus Schedule


Bus Route


Counter-clockwise: Jing Jing Plaza- Jing Jing Plaza

Jing Jing Plaza - School Hospital - Humanities Building - Middle East Classroom Building - Library and Information Building - New Administration Building - Telecom Blocks - the South Gate - School of Mechanical Engineering - the East Gate - School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering - School of Medicine - Student Service Center - Phase VI Student Apartments - Hualian Life Center - Pao Yue Kong Library - Materials Building - Jing Jing Plaza


Clockwise : Jing Jing Plaza- Jing Jing Plaza

Jing Jing Plaza - Materials Building - Pao Yue Kong Library - Hualian Life Center - Student Services Center - Phase VI Student Apartments - Students Service Center - School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering - School of Medicine - the East Gate - School of Mechanical Engineering - Telecom Blocks - the South Gate - Telecom Blocks - New Administration Building - Library and Information Building - Middle East Classroom Building - Humanities Building - School Hospital - Jing Jing Plaza


Intercampus Bus Schdule
These buses serve as the cross-campus bus between SJTU’s Minhang Campus and Xuhui Campus. For the faculty buses, faculty and staff are given priorities to board while students are only allowed to board if there are vacancies. Please note that the 07:00-07:30 buses leave once the bus is filled. These buses stop at teaching buildings, including the JI building, while the others just stop at Jing Jing Tang Square. Also, some buses leave 10 minutes in advance, so an earlier arrival is best. On Xuhui Campus, the bus stop is just to the east of Bao Zhao Long Library (包兆龙图书馆) while on Minhang Campus, the bus stop is located to the east of Guang Ming Stadium.


Bus Schedule:

i. Minghang Campus→ Xuhui Campus (Weekdays)

i. Minghang Campus→ Xuhui Campus (Weekends & Holidays)

Nonstop: 7:30, 12:30, 16:30

i. Xuhui Campus → Minghang Campus (Weekdays)

i. Xuhui Campus → Minghang Campus (Weekends & Holidays)

Nonstop: 8:30, 13:30, 17:30

Hospitals & Clinic Contact Info

University hospital

Address: South to the South gym and dormitory #8 and #9

Service Hours: 8:00~11:25, 13:25~16:50

Fee: 1 RMB



· If it is an emergency, call the program assistants -- IPO office, and we will arrange for someone to take you to the hospital/clinic.

· If it is safe to move the injured or sick person, it is usually better to arrange for a faster way to go to the hospital (like calling for a taxi) than to wait for the ambulance to come as the ambulance takes you to the nearest hospital and not the hospital of your choice. Shanghai traffic does not yield to emergency vehicles.



If you need to go to the hospital or clinic, please prepare the following items:

1) Passport

2) Cash (preferred) or credit card

3) Any medical information that may be necessary.

4) Your medical/travel insurance details

For general illness, the hospital listed below will generally help.

Minhang: Shanghai Fifth People’s Hospital (上海市第五人民医院)

The closest general hospital to campus:(10 mins. by taxi from Minhang Campus )

Add: 128 Ruili Road, Minhang District, Shanghai  上海市闵行区瑞丽路128号

Tel: +86(21)6430 8151  

Xuhui: Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital (上海市第六人民医院)

Add: No.600 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai  上海市宜山路600号

Tel: +86(21)64369181  




Police 110

Ambulance 120

Fire Department 119

Police Hotline – Foreigner’s Division 6357 6666

International SOS 24 hour hotline 6295 0099

School Emergency Call 5474 9110

Also, please do not forget to contact/inform the program assistants / coordinator immediately!



TIP: Bring your smart phones with you so that you can make use of the campus wifi for WeChat, What’s App or other social apps.



China Mobile Service Hall (within 1 km)

Add: NO. 1720-3 Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Tel: 13917310081

China Unicom Service Hall (within 5-10 minutes’ walk)

Add: NO.45-5 Guangyuan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Tel: 021-61735399

China Telecom Service Hall (within 5-10 minutes’ walk)

Add: NO. 878 Fanyu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Tel: 021-62455031



China Mobile Service Hall

Add: across the Siyuan Gate, 100 m left

China Unicom Service Hall

Add: 131, Humin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

China Telecom Service Hall

Add: 209, Huaning Road, Minhang District, Shanghai



FITNESS & Sports:



Location: To the west of gymnasium in Xuhui Campus.

Fee: 10RMB/h


Location: In front of No.9 student dorm in Xuhui campus.




Guangbiao Building (near cateen#2)

Zhiyuan Recreation Center (Tel: 4008-380-370)

Sports Complex (Tel: 021-34202427)

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