Global Summer/Winter School
S0212 Reversing Climate Change

Session A

Course title: S0212 Reversing Climate Change

Duration:  2020.7.9-2020.7.24 (2 weeks)

Campus: Xuhui


Course Description

The course will start from the earth history and basic earth processes of heat flux and balance, atmospheric and ocean circulation, heat storage and carbon flux, causes and history of global climate change, summarize anthropogenic CO2 contributions from developing agriculture, deforest, industries and metropolitan cities; review existing zero-CO2 emission technologies of renewable electricity, fuel and heat, and agriculture; find innovative technologies for removing CO2 in air, soil and oceans, and discuss our strategies for the future.



  • Learn the history of the earth and its basic processes.

  • Learn the histories of climate change, causes and processes.

  • Understand the relationships between populations, socioeconomics, science and technologies, environment and climate.

  • Learn zero CO2 release technologies of renewable energy and agriculture.

  • Learn CO2 removal methods in air, soil and oceans.




    Prof. Meng ZHOU


    Meng Zhou, is a seagoing oceanographer in physical and biological oceanography. He received his Bachelor in Engineering from Tsinghua University in 1982, Master in Physical Oceanography from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984, and PhD in Oceanography from Stony Brook University in 1992. He worked at Scripps Institution of Oceanography as a research scientist, the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor, and the University of Massachusetts Boston as a tenured Associate and Full Professor; possessed Part Time Professor and Researcher positions at the University of Tromsø (the Arctic University of Norway) and University of Marseille; and joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2013 as Zhiyuan Chair Professor and the Dean of the Institute of Oceanography. Professor Zhou received EU Marie Curie People Fellow in 2007, Chinese Taishan Scholar in 2009, French Chair of Excellence in 2010, Chinese National 1000 Talent Experts in 2012, and Shanghai 1000 Talent Experts in 2013. He worked on numerous interdisciplinary projects from coupled advection and behavioral processes of marine organisms, transport of nutrients and biota, and plankton population dynamics, numerous integrations of physical and biological sensors for high speed measurements at same times and locations with same resolutions, and numerous cruises from the New York Bight, California Current, West Pacific Ocean, Norwegian fjords and shelf regions, Barents Sea, Southern Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and South China Sea. His research areas include transport of nutrients and biota, nature iron fertilization processes, aggregation behavior of marine organisms, and population dynamics.



    Attendance: 20%

    Participation in question discussion: 40%

    Final report: 40%



    Program Director: Prof. Meng ZHOU(

Program Coordinator: Jie WEN (

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