Global Summer/Winter School
S0211 Outlook of Future Techniques in Aerospace Engineering

Session A

Course title: S0211 Outlook of Future Techniques in Aerospace Engineering

Duration: 2020.7.9-2020.7.24 (2 weeks)

Campus: Minhang 


Course Description

This course aims to introduce aerospace engineering innovation in China to participants and further to the world, including the history, development, current status, and the future of Chinese and Shanghai, including the culture of China and Shanghai. The goal is to establish an “International trend, Global demand, Chinese Strategy, Shanghai Strength, and SJTU brand”.

In particular, participants will learn the basics of aerospace engineering through lectures and aerodynamic demonstrations and experiments in a lab setting. Students will explore the field of aerospace engineering, tour SJTU research labs and learn how experimental data is collected in different research fields in aerospace engineering. Various experiments will be conducted on plane models. They will also interact with our brilliant faculty, graduate researchers, and undergraduate students in the field.




  • University-enterprise cooperative curriculum: Field trips to Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMIC, big plane manufacturer) and  AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd (commercial aircraft engine  manufacturer), AVIC institutes and Honeywell Shanghai.

  • The resources at a world-class university: The world’s top faculties; SJTU research labs; SJTU Qian Xuesen Library & Museum.

  • Internationalization of engineering education: To adopt new engineer training models; To pursue cultural integration, resources integration and discipline integration.

  • By the end of this 2-week study experience, students should have basic knowledge and understanding of the rich history, flourishing present and bright future of Aerospace Science and Technology Development.




Prof. Xinqun ZHAN


Professor Xingqun Zhan received his B.S. and M.S. from Harbin Engineering University, China, and his Ph.D. from Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 1999. He is currently a tenured professor on navigation and associate dean on International of the school of aeronautics and astronautics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research focuses on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) integrity/vulnerability, seamless positioning, and GNSS/Inertial coupling. Dr. Zhan is the associate editor of Journal Aerospace Science & Technology and the associate editor of Journal Aerospace Systems. He is co-chairing the United Nations International Committee of GNSS (ICG) Performance Enhancement Work Group (WG-B) since 2015.



Attendance: 15%

Participation in class: 35%

Final program summary: 50%



Program Director: Prof. Xingqun ZHAN (

Program Coordinator: Ting DONG(

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