Global Summer/Winter School
S028 Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control

Session A

Course Title: S028 Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control

Duration: 2020.7.9-2020.7.24 (2 weeks)

Campus: Minhang


Course Description

Environmental Pollution Control using the green technology is one of the sustainable ways, which could not only solve the environmental pollution, but also save energy and resource. The course uses multidisciplinary theories and methods to expound the relationship, connotation and principles between environment and sustainable development. To interpret the relationship between economic and social development with environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, China will be chosen as the case study, as the most populous and rapid urbanization process country. The development process of water resource, waste sector, soil reclamation and air pollution control will be introduced in detailed, and the students could understand the drivers and the development for the shift from the industrial civilization development model to the modern ecological civilization.

The students in this course should be devoted to the lessons, including to the debating, group discussion, study tour, and listening and answer questions.



  • Half-day tour of Nanxiang Sewage Treatment Plant.

  • Half-day tour of Environmental Theme Park of Suzhou River Mengqing Garden.

  • Half-day tour of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

  • Half-day tour of Shanghai Xinjinqiao Environmental Protection Company, which is the biggest electrical and electronic waste treatment based in Shanghai



Prof. Yixin ZHAO


Yixin Zhao is a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He obtained a PhD degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2010, followed by working as a postdoctoral fellow at Penn State University and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. His current research interests focus on perovskite solar cells, photoelectrochemical catalysis and environmental remediation. Professor Zhao is on the editorial board for several journals and coauthor of over 100 reviewed publication with more than 6000 citations.



Attendance: 20%

Participation in question discussion: 20%

Visit report: 30%

Final program summary: 30%



Program Director: Prof. Yixin ZHAO(

Program Coordinator: Ms. Chenjing BAO(

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