Global Summer/Winter School
S025 Chinese Landscape Architecture Culture and Ecological

Session A

Course Title: S025 Chinese Landscape Architecture Culture and Ecological

Duration: 2020.7.9-2020.7.24 (2 weeks)

Campus: Minhang 


Course Description

This course aims to introduce landscape architecture culture and sustainable ecological design in China to participants and further to the world, including history, development, current status, and the future of Chinese and Shanghai landscape architecture and sustainable ecological design, including culture and ecological thoughts in traditional Chinese gardens, sustainable ecological theories, sustainable ecological design practice, plants application in traditional and sustainable ecological design.

Through theory lectures, field trips, case studies and design practices, students may fully understand the culture sustainable ecological design in China.




  • Field trips to traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou to understand the ecological thoughts in traditional Chinese gardens (The Humble Administrator’s garden, Master of Nets Garden, etc.).


  • Field trips of landscape visiting in West Lake area, Hangzhou, to know the ecological thoughts in large scenic areas from old times to recently in China.


  • Field trips at Fangta garden, Drunken Bai Pond, and Yu Garden to understand the ecological thoughts in traditional Chinese gardens in Shanghai, and at Chenshan Botanic garden to learn the sustainable ecological design practice.


  • By the end of this 2-week study experience, students should have basic knowledge and understanding of the history, theory, and practice, of sustainable ecological design in Shanghai and in China.





Prof. Shengquan CHE


Professor Che is a doctoral supervisor and the Vice Dean of the School of Design. His research areas include the education and research of landscape ecological planning and design, landscape evaluation and protection, as well as rural landscape.


Prof. Timothy BAIRD  


Timothy Baird is Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture Cornell University, Ithaca, New York USA. Timothy is a licensed landscape architect, ASLA Fellow, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Cornell University. Baird’s ongoing research focuses on two areas: material expression in the designed landscape since the Modern era and environmental art and designed landscapes that were commissioned in land reclamation contexts.


Prof. George FRANTZ 


George Frantz is an associate professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University, where he teaches classes in land use planning and community development, and environmental impact review. His primary areas of expertise are in urban design and master planning, with particular emphasis on green infrastructure and the protection of agriculture and environmentally sensitive lands and water resources. In addition to teaching, he has over 30 years of planning and design consulting for municipal governments in New York state. Frantz received his B.S. in landscape architecture and his M.R.P. from Cornell University in 1980 and 1991 respectively.


Prof. Yun WANG


Dr. Wang is an Associate Professor from the School of Design, and the department head of Landscape Architecture. He has a multi-disciplinary background of landscape planning and design and architecture. His research areas are in the culture, history and practice of Chinese gardens. He has supervised more than 200 planning and design projects.


Prof. Dongqin TANG


Dr. Tang is an Associate Professor from the School of Design. She has an interdisciplinary background of botany, biochemistry, and molecular biology. She has hosted many national programs on forest ecological systems, urban forests in Shanghai, flower selection, and the gene cloning of ACS.


Lecturer Dan CHEN


Dr. Chen obtained her Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida. She is in charge of undergraduate courses including preliminary design, landscape planning and design, and planting design. Her major research areas are landscape planning and design, ecological protection and restoration, classical Chinese gardens, and urban green space issues.



Associate Professor Bingqin YU


Dr. Yu is a visiting scholar from the TU Berlin. Her research fields are theoretical research and practical sponge cities, urban community’s ecological recreation, planning and design of the ecological community, Western modern history and practice of landscape.


Lecturer Ling WANG


Dr. Wang is the deputy chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture. She obtained her Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture and a Master Degree in Urban Planning. She was a visiting scholar at Cornell University.  Her major research areas are education and research of regional landscape planning, rural landscape evaluation and rural tourism planning.



Attendance and daily score: 20%

Group presentation: 50%

Final program summary: 30%



Program Director: Prof. Yun WANG(

Program Coordinator: Dr. Dan CHEN (

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