Global Summer/Winter School
S024 Practice in Restoring Chinese Historical Buildings


Session A

Course Title: S024 Practice in Restoring Chinese Historical Buildings

Duration: 2020.7.9-2020.7.24 (2 weeks)

Campus: Xuhui


Course Description

The course will provide students with excellent opportunities to understand Chinese architectural heritage and participate in architectural restoration. The course is divided into a general part and practical part. The general knowledge includes a brief history of Chinese architecture, case study, the introduction of common deterioration of the historical structure and nondestructive testing techniques; the practical part include field research, traditional craft study, construction simulation, building disease detection on situ, restoration practice.

The faculty of this course is composed of professors, scholars and craftsman in the field of historical building protection. The course is featured by a large number of practices and the students can participate in each step of architecture restoration.



Tours of visiting Shanghai traditional towns.

Visiting the excellent examples of building restoration and renovation.

Laboratorial analysis of traditional material deterioration.

Field practice of architectural restoration, collaborating with craftsman.




Prof. Yongkang CAO

Bachelor's and master's at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Ph.D. at Zhejiang University, a visiting professor at Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) and University of Florence. Cao engages on heritage architecture and relics conservation, and his works include books as New exploration of Shanghai industrial heritage and over hundreds of heritage architecture conservation projects including conservation planning, individual conservation planning, reversion research, pseudo–class architecture etc.

Representative works: the Chongsi building conservation design of Xuhui high school in Shanghai, the reversion of Xu Guangqi's cemetery (Ming dynasty) in Shanghai, the ancient cultural site conservational planning for Fuquan mountain, the Lv Fu conservational planning and individual building conservational design in Shaoxing, the emergency repair design after earthquake of Tianshi Cave in Qingchen mountain of Dujiangyan, Sichuan city, the renovation for Chuangshan central street in Shanghai, the Chinese garden design in Dunedin, New Zealand etc.


Dr. Qian DU

Researcher at the Department of Architecture, School of Design. Her research focuses on conservation theory, techniques of restoration and the application of GIS in built heritage conservation. The publication includes several papers in professional journal and articles in Cultural Relics Management Review, Heritage Sites in Contemporary China Cultural Policies and Management Practices, etc.




Attendance: 20%

Visit report: 30%

Final presentation and discussion: 50%



Program Director and Coordinator: Prof. Yongkang CAO (

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