Summer Research Internship
Project 20: Wind Power Generation and Grid-Integration Control
Release time:2020-12-22 Read the number:8022


Contact Information:

Asso. Prof. Jing Lyu



Project Description and Objectives:

This project focuses on the wind power conversion system and its control. With the rapid development of wind power, the scale of the wind farm is becoming larger and larger, which has a great influence on the stability of the power system. To address these issues, more advanced control strategies are needed for grid-friendly integration of wind turbine generators. This project will study the advanced control for the wind turbine generators to meet the strict grid codes, i.e., frequency support, inertial response, high-voltage fault ride-through and so on.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of electric circuit theory is mandatory.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering is needed.
  • Basic knowledge of power electronics is preferred.


Main Tasks: 

  • Implement the simulation modeling of wind turbine generators.
  • Do some experiments on the laboratory setup of the wind turbine generator.
  • Finish a research report in this project.






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