Summer Research Internship
Project 19: Energy Router for Future Energy Internet
Release time:2020-12-22 Read the number:7838


Contact Information:

Prof. Miao Zhu    



Project Description and Objectives:

With the development of energy and internet technologies, energy router has been becoming a key device for future energy internet. Energy internet is a brand new concept that integrates the Internet with energy generation, transmission and consumption. Energy router is the center of energy conversion and information interaction in energy internet, which is still developing and deepening with the on-going new scientific and technological revolution. This project will focus on the energy router for future networks. First, the basic concept and functions of energy router will be investigated. Typical energy internet scenarios for energy routers will be summarized and presented afterward. Then key technologies, restraints and development trend of energy router will be studied respectively. A general report will be presented as the final achievements.


Eligibility Requirements:

Basic knowledge of EE.


Main Tasks:

  • Investigation on the concept of energy router and energy internet.
  • Summarization on the typical scenarios of energy router in energy internet.
  • Investigation on key technologies of energy router for the typical scenarios.
  • Discussion on the restraints and the development trend of energy router.
  • Finish a research report in this project.







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