Summer Research Internship
Project 18: Cloud-Based Model-Driven Service Development
Release time:2020-12-22 Read the number:8047


Contact Information:

Prof. Hongming Cai



Project Description and Objectives:

A knowledge graph is a promising method of representing semantic of information formally, which is mainly used in Web search engine development. For Web searching, knowledge graph acts as knowledge bases providing relationships between searched objects to enhance the searching results. However, it is not easy to construct a knowledge graph automatically. NLP(Natural Language Processing) could be used to handle the problem of a knowledge graph. Based on the Knowledge Graph, entity relationships could be established so that the searching results could be refined.

There exists several NLP toolkits to process sentences of natural language. But they need to be tailored for knowledge graph construct. Also for the recognition of relationships of concepts in the knowledge graph, open linked data need to be involved in to build a bridge between insolated entities. Based on the setup knowledge graph, individual information on Web can be searched, recognized and analyzed semantically.


Eligibility Requirements:

Interested students should be proficient in JAVA and Web application development.


Main Tasks: 

  • Software development.
  • Finish a research report.
  • Two research presentations.
  • Submit one paper to journal or conference as a co-author.






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