Summer Research Internship
Project 16: Optical Diagnostics for Optical IC Engines
Release time:2020-12-22 Read the number:8014


Contact Information:

Asso. Prof. Xuesong Li



Project Description and Objectives:

Although renewable energy vehicle is attracting increasing attention, traditional energy conversion scheme, such as a gasoline internal combustion engine, is still significant in the years to come. This course will offer a modern touch on how to optimize the new generation of gasoline power using laser diagnostics means. Various laser diagnostics methods, including laser-induced fluorescence, particle imaging velocimetry, high speed imaging, Schlieren Interferometry, etc., will be introduced and implemented on a transparent optical engine. The liner and the piston of this single cylinder engine are made from sapphire glass so that the situations inside can be well observed. Then data processing methods will be used to infer information such as combustion species, in-cylinder velocity distribution, soot formation, etc. This course aims to offer a preliminary experience in advanced optical methods for future studies in thermal and fluid sciences.   


Eligibility Requirements:

Basic understanding of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and/or combustion physics.


Main Tasks:

  • Perform optical/laser based experiments for fuel spray diagnostics.
  • Work on an actual optical engine and adjust operation parameters to vary the performance of the optical engine.   
  • Utilize laser-induced fluorescence, particle imaging velocimetry, Mie scattering, etc. and understand the flow field and combustion characteristics in the engine.




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