Summer Research Internship
Project 14: Preliminary Study on Fuel Cell and DIY for its Catalysts
Release time:2020-12-22 Read the number:8285


Contact Information:

Prof. Junliang Zhang 



Project Description and Objectives:

This program aims to cultivate the interest and research ability of overseas students in the field of electrochemical energy, especially in the fuel cell field. And the hope to improve the hardware facilities for students learning, to do experiments and discuss. In the meanwhile, we would build a team of instructors with an international perspective to guide engineers, and consider the characteristics of overseas students to teach, to ensure effective teaching management and communication for overseas students.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be interested in new energy.
  • Have basic knowledge of electrochemistry. 
  • Have experience in chemical experiments in lab. 
  • Ability to write a regular experimental report.

Main Tasks:

  • Develop students' interest in electrochemistry.
  • Let students enjoy the process of basic scientific research in SJTU.







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