Summer Research Internship
Project 12: Experimental Investigation of Debris Attachment on the CMM Stylus Particles on the Measurement Accuracy of the CMM
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Contact Information:

Asso. Prof. Xiaobing Feng  



Project Description and Objectives:

Coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) are widely used in industry to measure the geometrical dimensions of products as a part of the quality control process. During measurement, debris particles adhere to the surface of the CMM stylus tip. Such debris significantly impairs the dimensional accuracy of a CMM, which is critical for the measurement of precision-engineered products. This project will experimentally investigate the adhesion of debris particles on the CMM stylus. Debris of various materials and shapes from multiple manufacturing processes will be studied and categorized. CMM measurements will be conducted and data analysis will be performed to determine the impact of debris on measurement error. The outcome of the project will help determine the significance of debris attachment and assess measurement errors.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • 3rd year and above undergraduate students majoring in Mechanical/Electrical/Sensory engineering.
  • Students with research experience are highly desired.
  • Knowledge on metrology and/or CMNC machine tool is highly desired.


Main Tasks: 

Participants will carry out experimental investigations on debris attachment on CMM stylus tips, including the collection and characterization of manufacturing debris, applying different methods for applying collected debris particles onto the workpiece surface with desired distribution, conduct CMM measurement experiment using contaminated workpiece, and determining the extent of contamination on the stylus tips.



Lab: N/A



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