Summer Research Internship
Project 6: Hand-Eye Coordination Algorithm for Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot
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Contact Information:

Prof. Qixin Cao



Project Description and Objectives:

Typical minimally invasive surgical robots are generally used with remote operation, that is, doctors according to the endoscopic image use a main hand device to control the distal surgical robot to carry out operations. This approach has a variety of advantages. On one hand, the robot can be more stable and accurate than the doctor's hand, on the other hand, it’s very useful for surgeries that need to be operated in the X-ray environment, such as some orthopedic surgery. More importantly, the isolation of doctors and patients by geographical location can make the future realize the sharing of genuine medical resources. Excellent doctors can be shared with people around the world.

The hand-eye coordination algorithm studied in this project is to establish a mapping between hand movements and endoscopic images to enhance the surgeon's presence. Hand-eye coordination involves the control of the robot, the coordinate system transformation, etc. This is one of the core technologies of the remote operation problem.


Eligibility Requirements:

The interested student should have a basic knowledge of robot controls and coordinate transform.


Main Tasks: 

  • Finish a research report.
  • Give two research presentations (a. references review; b. technical presentation).






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