Participants’ Testimonials
  • Johanna

    I studied the history of China and Chinese characters at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The course focused on the contributions of the Silk Road which helped tie all of the interesting facts together. The course was composed of one week of lectures followed by a week of excursions. The lectures were held by three teachers, Professor Wang, Professor Zhang and Doctor Liu who were clearly very knowledgeable in the topics they taught. The afternoons were free and I spent them getting to know the other students from around the world as well as exploring Shanghai. The week of excursions was the most interesting part for me as it brought together everything we had learned about Chinese characters and their origin from oracle bones as well as the creation of the Silk Road and its importance as an ancient trade route connecting China with central Asia and eastern parts of Europe. I was amazed to be able to see the Terracotta Army, a legacy left behind by the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang as well as the Mogao Caves a forgotten treasure in Dunhuang which illustrates the impact of Buddhism at the time as well as the artistic influences and wealth of the citizens at the time. It was also very useful to visit the museums and learn about each artefacts importance in much greater detail due to the expertise of our Professors and Doctor. I believe that the course was an appropriate length for the content provided and was full of fascinating information about the history of China. To make the course better I think the buddies should have organised a social so we could have met them properly and perhaps learned about the type of youth culture and educational differences in China. Also, I feel that a beginners Chinese course would have been very useful and I know for the other courses this is provided but I guess as this course is quite short it maybe difficult to provide. Apart from that I really enjoyed myself and found Professor Liu, Rose and Jingjing extremely helpful and friendly and really organised the course well! I would definitely recommend this course for people who want to learn more about China, not only about its history and roots but also its culture in the present day. Learning about a new culture with people from around the world also provided many different perspectives and I have been inspired to continue learning more since returning home to the UK.

  • Aldune

    China Studies: Chinese characters, History and Culture along the Silk and Jade Road.


    Amazing, informative and beautiful are all words that could cumulatively not be enough to describe the wonderful experience I had learning about Chinese characters, History and culture as well as about the trade history of the ancient Silk and Jade roads.


    From seeing Xi'an and Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army to traveling to the "Mother river" and over it with a cable car, even watching the sunrise on camel back in a dessert to exploring the modern city of Shanghai. It is all breathtaking!


    It was very interesting learning from each different lecturer. Informative museum trips with Proffessor Wang to interesting calligraphy explorations with Dr Liu. Proffessor Zhang's history lecture on the Silk Road and Proffessor Liu's teachings all through the trip.


    Jingjing's amazing coordination and safety checks of our passports will also never be forgotten along with always being happy with Rose and her awesome pictures. Being welcomed by all and our volunteers, Alan and Lily.


    All in all a very successful program with many thanks from a grateful student


    Aldune Campher

  • Zachary Klesch

    My summer research internship at SJTU was an unforgettable experience, pertaining to both my lab work and my cultural experience here in China. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a great professor who helped me find a suitable project and provided enough guidance to make my research and development go smoothly. He let me have almost complete independence in my research as I worked alongside other students in my program as well as graduate level students, all of whom were helpful and friendly. Aside from my work, I found SJTU to be a great place to meet new friends both from China and internationally. My dormitory was full of foreign students just like me who were more than willing to give me help whenever I needed it and could give me the lay of the land when it came to Minhang campus and downtown Shanghai. During my time here I also took advantage of the opportunity I was given and traveled around China to go see famous attractions like the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Yellow Mountains, and the Terracotta Warriors, just to name a few. Being here gave me a new perspective of the world and has ensured that I will one-day return to China. I am extremely appreciative to everyone here at SJTU for setting up this program and allowing me the opportunity to do research while here in such an amazing country. 

  • Akash Sharma

    Having the opportunity to take part in the Summer Research Internship program at State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites, SJTU was an exciting and unique experience. Many thanks to my mentor Dr. Xiaobin Hu and his research group for the guidance and support to carry out my project. From the beautiful SJTU campus to the modern and fascinating architecture of Shanghai, everything has become part of my memorable journey to Shanghai. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the International School for this well organised program and for the wonderful weekend trips. Hopefully I will have the chance to pursue Masters at SJTU next year. Thank you everyone for this enriching experience.

  • Seony Han

    When I arrived in China, I didn’t know what to expect of Shanghai. I basically knew no Chinese, but the members in my lab were incredibly helpful and friendly, only a WeChat away. They were eager to share their projects with me, and my mentor ensured I had a solid project that I was interested in. On weekends, I learned how to use the Metro and explored various parts of Shanghai with other students in the program. We visited Yuyuan Garden, the Bund, Nanjing Road, and countless malls. We tried an escape room and spent an evening at Maya Water Park. And of course, we supplemented our travels with lots and lots of food from different cultures. I’d always wanted to visit China, and I’m so happy I got to spend it at SJTU, immersing myself in both research and the Chinese culture. Thank you SJTU!

  • Katherine

    Hi, my name’s Katherine and I'm a third year medical student from Cambridge University in England. I'm specialising in neuroscience next year, and I've spent my summer here working in Professor Yang’s lab in the MedX building on Xuhui campus. I love to travel and have always been interested in China, but didn't speak any Mandarin before coming here so was pretty worried about how I'd manage to get around! I needn't have worried -  from fellow passengers on the tube to the amazing girls in my lab, there's always someone around ready to lend a hand when you're stuck. I’ve had the opportunity to  participate in an unbelievably diverse range of projects, learning techniques from optogenetic modification to synchrotron imaging to microsurgery. As well as learning a huge amount in the lab, I ate my way with watering eyes through Schezuan hotpots, blood tofu and cow intestines; braved my fear of heights to climb the pearl tower (see above); and most importantly, finally learnt how to avoid covering myself with hot soup from Shanghai’s famous xiaolongbao. Whilst I still use chopsticks ‘like a three year old Chinese kid’ according to my buddy, I can only see that as a reason to return to Shanghai for more practice - it's been an amazing summer and I wish I could do it all over again.

  • Zinia Abid

    To sum it up in a nutshell – life at SJTU was not without a plethora of surprises and difficulties. The opportunity to purse an individual research project in China was one of the most academically rewarding experiences I have undertaken as an undergraduate. From the minute I arrived in China, the whirlwind of events that followed, the good and bad are extremely fond memories now. From meeting people from all walks of life, to Google translating my lunch order to exploring the hidden gems of Shanghai – a summer trip became a life changing experience. I urge anyone thinking twice about this, to remember “you may delay but time will not” – don’t miss the opportunity to engage in innovative work at SJTU and make friends and memories for a lifetime! P.S. Travel as much as you can and eat street food.

  • Linh Tran

    Coming to ShangHai JiaoTong University as an intern foregin student, I receive many supports from the students in the lab. From inside lab work like setting up a research topic or putting money in my card, the students in the lab truly have helped me adjust to the life at Jiao Tong. They were friendly, funny, and hospitable. They have taught me how to speak Chinese and order Chinese take out. Although there is English barrier, my mentor, Mr. JingChen Ma always tried to communicate with me in English. Through this short paragraph, I would like to thank everyone who has made my internship possible. I would like to thanks HuiFang and YaCheng for picking me up at the airport and set up the accommodation for me. Thank you Ling for helping Seony and went to canteen to eat with us. Thank you Tony for hiring a clueless novice like me. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Zhao, Ms. Shang, and the entire administration of Shanghai JiaoTong university for making this roller-coaster-like yet amazingly eye-opening summer internship possible!

  • Wu Yifan

    I have a really long summer vacation this time, so I decided to do something meaningful rather than just staying at home. As a result, I applied for the summer research internship in the Shanghai JiaoTong University, and was admitted by the neuroscience and neuroengineering laboratory.


    My project is to research whether transcranial ultrasound (TUS) has effect on curing depression. We use rats as models to do the research. There, I have the chance to do the experiments I have never done before, and learn the technics I haven’t practiced before. We did some behaviour tests, such as sucrose preference tests, open field tests, forced swimming tests, light-dark box tests and elevated plus maze tests. I also learnt to dissect the rats and get the hippocampus of them. Although we haven’t gotten the final results yet, I still learnt many new knowledges. During this period, we also had a chance to visit the sixth people’s hospital learnt about nuclear medicals and the devices applied in it.


    I really enjoyed the life in Shanghai, for there are good food and new friends. I knew a few new friends from the US and India, and it would be a different experience and good memory in my life.

  • Laura

    My experience in Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a summer research intern was a real blast. For 2 months and a half, I conducted a research project at the School of Mechanical Engineering in the Environmental and Combustion Technology Center. Not only was I able to experience research work in China with an access to high technology infrastructure, but I also came to understand better chinese culture thanks to my interaction with chinese people and the many trips I did. There is so much to learn here, from a technical, cultural and social point of view. And chinese people are so welcoming, which makes me feel that I want to stay longer here !  

    Laura, from Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France.

  • Kate

    I am really enjoying my summer so far at SJTU. Everyone in my lab is very helpful and have given me opportunities to get involved in real research projects. My first project involved the synthesis of an important compound for the synthesis of new drug molecules, which enabled me to experience designing experiments, using software such as SciFinder, and practical lab work. My second project is the initial research phase of developing a new sensor for detecting toxins common in some Chinese medicines and food. My professor treats me just like another PhD student in the lab, allowing me to design and plan my own project independently, use the high-quality research equipment, and complete hands-on experiments. Being able to take charge of my own project is a fantastic opportunity to find out what research in China is like as well as being great preparation for future projects.

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