Practical Information
Visa & Insurance


SJTU will provide students with a JW 202 and an admission notice. Applicants should bring the visa paperwork, admission notice, JW 202 form and a valid passport to the local Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a short-term student visa (usually the visa type “X 2”). Students from visa-waiver-country shall also hold valid student visa (X2 type visa) for entry. Those who are already in China need to submit a copy of the visa page, residence registration notice and the above application documents to the PCB in Shanghai after registering at SJTU.


The JW 202 form and the admission notice will be sent to the applicant via an international courier within two weeks after April 30, 2020.


* If you are a local student from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, you do not need the JW202 form.



Students who plan to attend this program should obtain insurance before coming to study in China.  Each student needs to present the insurance certificate to the administrative staff on the day of registration.

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