Summer Research Internship
List of Research Projects

Mechanical Engineering

Project 1  Fundamental Combustion

Project 2  Engine Combustion

Project 3  Personal Urban Mobility Access

Project 4  Highly Efficient Dehumidification Cooling Technology

Project 5  Energy Storage for Air-Conditioning Technologies

Project 6  Net Zero Energy Building Technologies

Project 7  Solar Energy Technologies


Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

Project 8  Emotion Recognition Using Multimodal Deep Learning and Transfer Learning

Project 9  Content-Aware Software-Defined Security Mechanism Against Threat Propagation in Smart Grid

Project 10  Smart UAVs for Complicated Tasks in Complex Scenes

Project 11  Location Information Processing and Spatial Behavior Analysis

Project 12  Designing and Testing Services for Navigation Terminals

Project 13  Design of High Performance Antennas Using Novel Microwave Structures and Materials

Project 14  Superpixel Generation for SAR Images Based on Probability Models

Project 15  Design of Real-Time Information Processing Technique for Optical Remote Sensing

Project 16  Compressive Sensing Based Tomographic SAR Imaging in an Urban Environment


Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering

Project 17  Model Test of Marine Renewable Energy Devices

Project 18  Liquefaction of Soils in Shaking Table Tests


Materials Science and Engineering

Project 19  Damping Behaviour of CNT/AZ91 Composites Fabricated by Cyclic Extrusion and Compression


Environmental Science & Engineering

Project 20  Fabrication of a Nanocomposite Membrane and its Application for Removal of Emerging Contaminants in Water

Project 21  Fabrication of Nanofiber Porous Membrane and its Application for Desalination Using Membrane Distillation

Project 22  Preparation and Application of the Superhydrophobic Permselective Electrospun Nanofiber Membranes

Project 23  Through Setting a Variety of Parameters, Master Three Different Techniques and Principles of E-waste Recycling


Agriculture and Biology

Project 24  Metabolic Regulation and Engineering of Medicinal Plants

Project 25  Stoichiometric Traits of Leaves and Seeds and the Relationships in the Warm Temperate and North Subtropical Ecotone

Project 26  PM2.5 Dry Deposition Velocity and Influential Factors on Leaf Surface of Typical Urban Tree Species in Shanghai


Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Project 27  Antibody Isolation from a Yeast Display Library

Project 28  Cloning and Functional Characterization of Rice Male Sterile Genes

Project 29  Molecular Mechanism of Inflorescence and Spikelet Development in Rice

Project 30  Molecular Characterization of GMOs

Project 31  Epigenetic Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of PEBP1 Gene in Spermatogenesis

Project 32  The Study of the Paternal Transgenerational Effects of Tobacco Smoking/Nicotine via the Underlying Epigenetic Mechanisms

Project 33  Screen and Identify Ovule Identity Mutants from Mutant Population

Project 34  Computer Aided Drug Design

Project 35  Comparative Genomics

Project 36  Crystallization of Sphingolipid Ceramide N-deacylase and Probing the Structural Basis for Its Specific Enzymatic Catalysis

Project 37  Fluorescence-activated Droplet Sorting System for Enzyme Directed Evolution

Project 38  The Application of Optogenetics, CLARITY and Deep Brain Imaging in Animal Models


Biomedical Engineering

Project 39  Monitoring and Evaluating the Neurovascular Change and Neural Signals Following Brain Injury

Project 40  Quantitative Analysis of the Biomedical Images

Project 41  Angiogenesis Following Ischemic Stroke

Project 42  Neural Rehabilitation Techniques

Project 43  Applications of Biomaterials and Nano Particles

Project 44  Ribosome Specific Protein-Protein Interaction Network Construction for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis



Project 45  Potent Inhibitors of Tyrosine Phosphatase PTP1B in Tea

       Project 46  Chronic Pain and Drug Treatments

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