Summer Research Internship
List of Research Projects

      Mechanical Engineering

Project 1   Hand-Eye Coordination Algorithm for Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot

Project 2   Optimal design of neural electrode coating

Project 3   Key technology in Endoscopic Surgical Robotics Based on Augmented Reality

Project 4  The research on digital manufacturing of customized surgical templates in oral and maxillofacial surgery based on virtual reality and 3D-Printing

Project 5  Surgical Robot End-Effector Mechanism Design

Project 6  Highly Efficient Dehumidification Cooling Technology

Project 7  Fault diagnosis for wind turbines based on the sound visualization

Project 8  Guided Wave-Based Structural Health Monitoring

Project 9  Smart Material Actuation

Project 10  Vibration Energy Harvesting

Project 11  Hand Gesture Recognition through Soft Wearable Devices

Project 12  EMG decoding and prosthetic hand control based on motor unit action potential

Project 13  Soft Robots


Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

Project 14  Optical fiber communication

Project 15  Design of High Performance Antennas Using Novel Microwave Structures and Materials

Project 16  Neural patterns among different cultures for EEG-based emotion recognition


      Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering

Project 17  Model Tests on Marine Renewable Energy Devices

Project 18  Multidisciplinary aero-hydro-servo-elastic analysis of offshore floating wind turbines

Project 19  Vortex Induced Vibration of a Catenary Riser


       Environmental Science & Engineering

Project 20  Near-infrared spectroscopy for discrimination between polymethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate

Project 21  Fabrication of Superhydrophobic nanofiber membrane and its application for removal of nonvolatile contaminant in water


      Life Sciences and Biotechnology

       Project 22   Cloning and functional characterization of rice male sterile genes

Project 23   Molecular mechanism controlling inflorescence and spikelet development in rice and barley

Project 24   Molecular characterziation of GMOs.

Project 25 The study of the parternal transgenerational effects of tobacco smoking/nicotine via the underlying epigenetic mechanisms.

Project 26   Epigenetic effects and molecular mechanisms of Pebp1 gene in Spermatogenesis

Project 27   Comparing thousands of big genomes

Project 28   Computer Aided Drug Design

Project 29   Protein-protein interaction


       Agriculture and Biology

Project 30   Metabolic regulation and engineering of medicinal plants

Project 31  Ecological Stoichiometry of Fagaceae Trees and Parasite weevil larvae at Soil Phosphorus-Rich Sites in Subtropical China

Project 32   Vegetation and Aerosol Fine Particles (PM2.5)

Project 33   Viticulture and Enology

Project 34   Ecological restoration and Eco-design of urban-rural fringe in Shanghai


Biomedical Engineering

Project 35  Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation and Applications

Project 36  Ribosome specific protein-protein interaction network construction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Project 37  Mechanisms of new targets in tumor metastasis and development of therapeutic methods



Project 38  Pain and treatment

Project 39  Development and utilization of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine

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