Summer Research Internship
Project 38 The Application of Optogenetics, CLARITY and Deep Brain Imaging in Animal Models

Contact Information

Prof. Weidong Li



Ms. Yuze Wu



Project Description and Objectives

Mental disorders, also called psychiatric disorders, are described as an impaired ability to function in ordinary life. Mental disorders are generally characterized by a combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behaviors and relationships. Examples are schizophrenia, depression, and mental retardation to name a few. Our lab mainly focuses on investigating the molecular roots of neurological and psychiatric disorders. With the application of new technology, we could achieve many interesting discoveries in animal models for psychiatric disorders.


Optogenetics is a technology that allows optical control of a specific population of neurons without affecting other neurons in the brain at high temporal and spatial resolution. CLARITY (Clear, Lipid-exchanged, Anatomically Rigid, Imaging/immunostaining compatible, Tissue hYdrogel) is the method of making brain tissue transparent using acrylamide. Deep brain imaging enables us to see neural activities in freely moving animal models by using a head mounted mini fluorescent microscope.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested students from Biology, medical science or related field would be preferred.


Main Tasks

Assemble mini scope system

Perform CLARITY study of mouse brain

Perform the behavior test of mouse model

Assist Ph.D. Students to do optogenetic experiments





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