Summer Research Internship
Project 34 Computer Aided Drug Design

Contact Information

Asso.Prof. Haifeng Chen



Project Description and Objectives

Drug discovery becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, new methods and technologies will help us to improve the speed and the cost of drug development. The purpose of this project will train the student to master these methods and technologies. There are many methods used in drug design. In this project, we will introduce the method of 3D-QSAR. During the training process, we will focus on the principles within each step. When we finish the training, the student can master the research process of drug design, how to conduct research, and how to write a scientific paper.  


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested students from a related field would be preferred.


Main Tasks

Learn 3D-QSAR method;

Use 3D-QSAR method for drug design.



Lab: N/A


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