Summer Research Internship
Project 33 Screen and Identify Ovule Identity Mutants from Mutant Population

Contact Information

Dr. Yanjie Zhang



Project Description and Objectives

The regulation mechanism of ovule number, the precursor of the seed, is a very important scientific question and elucidation provides potential applications in crop yield enhancement. Ovule number is determined by ovule identity, initiation and development, the mechanism of which remains largely unknown.


The objective of the project is to investigate the functions and regulations of key genes and pathways in ovule identity by a forward genetics study. This will hopefully give clues as how to increase ovule number and seed yield in crop productions.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested students should have a background in plant biology or molecular biology 


Main Tasks

Screen the putative mutants of ovule identity from EMS mutant population.
Identify the mutant by genotyping.



Lab: N/A


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