Summer Research Internship
Project 25 Stoichiometric Traits of Leaves and Seeds and the Relationships in the Warm Temperate and North Subtropical Ecotone

Contact Information

Prof. Chunjiang Liu



Project Description and Objectives

The ecosystems in transition zones that are sensitive to climate changes are one hotpot of global change ecology research. Baotianman Forest Ecosystem Research Station in Henan Province is located in the temperate – subtropical ecotone; there are mixed evergreen and deciduous forests with an abundance of tree species. The plants display a great variation in physiological and ecological traits. In this area, sample stands for 10 dominant tree species are selected. The concentrations of macroelements (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potasium, calsium, magenesium and sulfer ) both in the vegetative organs (fresh leaves and senesed leaves) and reproductive organs (seeds) are continuously measured for four years. For these tree species, the stoichiometric traits of leaves and seeds and their relationships are investigated, and the inter-annual variations are studied in relation to the variation in annual climate factors.


The objectives of the project are to study the stoichiometric traits of retranslocated nutrients in senesced leaves. The results will have great implications both in understanding the responses of plants to climate change in the ecotone and underlying mechanisms and managing forests in a reasonable manner.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of ecology, forest or environmental science.
  • Excellent speaking and writing communication are essential


Main Tasks

Experimental and numerical work

Analysis of results

Produce a technical report



Lab: N/A


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