Summer Research Internship
Project 19 Damping Behavior of CNT/AZ91 Composites Fabricated by Cyclic Extrusion and Compression

Contact Information

Prof. Qudong Wang



Project Description and Objectives

The demand for high performance damping materials is rapidly and continuously growing in a variety of aerospace, mechanical, and civil systems. Although metal matrix composites reinforced with traditional whiskers or particles possess high strength and stiffness properties, they suffer from several limitations such as high weight, poor damping capacity and low plasticity. For these reasons there is a need to develop advanced damping materials that can overcome the limitations discussed above.


In recent years, there has been a steadily increasing interest in the development of carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced composites. The motive is to transfer mechanical and physical properties of CNTs to bulk engineering materials. In this light, ceramic, polymer, and metal are favourably considered as a matrix material. It has been confirmed that the mechanical properties of metal matrix composites were improved when an appropriate amount of nanotubes were added. Furthermore, it was also reported in CNT–polymer composites that a great improvement in damping capacity was achieved without sacrificing the mechanical strength and stiffness of the polymer. However, the damping behaviour of metal matrix composites reinforced by CNTs have been rarely reported.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of materials science/mechanical engineering
  • Excellent speaking and writing communication are essential
  • Motivation to work on multidisciplinary projects


Main Tasks

Fabricate CNT/AZ91 composites

Investigate the effects of CNT content and CEC parameters

Discuss the intrinsic damping mechanisms of composites





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