Summer Research Internship
Project 18 Liquefaction of Soils in Shaking Table Tests

Contact Information

Dr. Jianliang Deng



Project Description and Objectives

In Shanghai and other many other coastal cities in China, the foundations of many old buildings contain liquefiable soil layers. The destructive effects of liquefiable soil layers on buildings have been observed in Tangshan Earthquake of 1976.


The objectives of the project are to reproduce the liquefaction of soils and evaluate the destructive effects on the buildings by using a shaking table.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of soil properties
  • The interested student should have good dexterity and be familiar with manual works in the laboratory
  • Experience in soil tests would be very valuable.


Main Tasks

Produce three soil foundations of building with different water content and initial void ratios.

Measure the pore water pressure and soil pressure during shaking.

Measure the displacement of models of buildings on the soil foundation

Analysis of results.

Produce a technical report.





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