Summer Research Internship
Project 17 Model Test of Marine Renewable Energy Devices

Contact Information

Prof. Ye Li



Engineer Hao Xu



Project Description and Objectives

Renewable energy has occupied the forefront of the energy supply studies around the world. With the advancement of science and technology, the use of renewable energy has expanded towards the ocean in the last decade. Particularly, tidal current energy and wave energy are regarded as two kinds of marine renewable energy with the highest prospect.


In this project, models of tidal current turbines and/or wave power generators will be tested in the ship model towing tank, to measure their hydrodynamic performance which is the key to marine renewable energy extraction.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have basic knowledge of ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, energy engineering or similar fields
  • Excellent speaking and writing communication are essential.


Main Tasks

Preparation of the facilities and instruments

Model test of the tidal current turbines and/or wave power generators

Data acquisition and analysis





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