Summer Research Internship
Project 16 Compressive Sensing Based Tomographic SAR Imaging in an Urban Environment

Contact Information

Prof. Zenhui Zhang



Project Description and Objectives

A conventional space- or airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) maps the 3-D reflectivity distribution of a scene to be imaged into the 2-D azimuth–range (x−r) plane. This can be seen as a projection along the third radar coordinate, namely, elevation (s). Synthetic aperture radar tomography (TomoSAR) extends the synthetic aperture principle into the elevation direction for 3-D imaging. It uses stacks of several acquisitions from slightly different viewing angles (the elevation aperture) to reconstruct the reflectivity function along the elevation direction by means of spectral analysis for every azimuth–range pixel.


The objectives of the project are to demonstrate the tomographic potential and the achievable imaging quality on the basis of TerraSAR-X spotlight data of an urban environment.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested students from a related field would be preferred.


Main Tasks

Three-dimensional reconstruction of urban buildings based on TomoSAR





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