Summer Research Internship
Project 9 Content-Aware Software-Defined Security Mechanism Against Threat Propagation in Smart Grid

Contact Information

Prof. Jianhua Li



Dr. Jun Wu



Project Description and Objectives

This program focuses on the application of next generation networking in a smart grid. Firstly, participants will be assigned to investigate the research evolution of information-centric networking (ICN), software-defined networking (SDN) in a smart grid. Secondly, participants will try to design and realize a dynamic multicast scheduling algorithm based on ICN or SDN to mitigate security threat propagation in a smart grid; tests or simulations will be conducted to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed algorithm.


Dynamic security service configuration is another available sub-project. Participants can choose to develop an application to enforce  network security (such as access control, data encryption and authentication protocols) based on SDN. Each application will be designed to provide guarantees for smart grid security.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of mathematical modeling, network and computer knowledge
  • Excellent writing and speaking communication are essential


Main Tasks

Literature reading

Programmable assignments

Necessary experiments

PPT presentation





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