Summer Research Internship
Project 7 Solar Energy Technologies

Contact Information

Prof. Yanjun Dai



Project Description and Objectives

A major limit to the wide application of solar energy is due to cost. With the advantages such as compact volume, lower weight, small focal length and low cost, new solar collectors are being developed for solar radiation concentration and system modularization. With these advancements, the optical efficiency of transmitted solar radiation is improved. In this study collector performance will be investigated. 


The objectives of the project are to further develop the latest developments in solar collectors and to design and test the system.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of solar energy.
  • The interested student should be at ease with CAD or 3D software.
  • Excellent writing and speaking communication are essential


Main Tasks

Be familiar with solar energy.

Can propose a new design, analyze it and optimize the designs.

Proceed with experimental validation of the concept.

Write a technical report on the results.





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