Summer Research Internship
Project 6 Net Zero Energy Building Technologies

Contact Information

Prof. Yanjun Dai



Prof. Ruzhu Wang



Project Description and Objectives

Commercial and residential buildings consume almost 40% of the primary energy in the United States or Europe, and nearly 30% in China. In order to reduce the dependence of the building on the primary energy, a number of studies on energy-saving technologies have been done worldwide. To this end, renewable energy utilization was regarded as a reasonable solution to global warming, air pollution, and energy security. Net zero energy building is an innovative concept which utilizes these energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies.

The objectives of the project are to establish a standard for new, low carbon buildings in terms of technologies used and operational practice. Development of refurbishment techniques and Demand Side Management programs will also be explored to reduce and adapt energy consumption in the existing building stock.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have basic knowledge of renewable energy, air-conditioning, green building, sorption cooling technologies, etc.
  • The interested student should be at ease with CAD or 3D software.
  • Excellent writing and speaking communication are essential


Main Tasks

Be familiar with different building energy saving technologies, such as adsorption, absorption, dehumidification, etc.

Can propose a new design, conduct analysis and optimize the designs.

Carry out simulations of different design concepts.

Write a technical report on the results.





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