Summer Research Internship
Project 5 Energy Storage for Air-Conditioning Technologies

Contact Information

Prof. Ruzhu Wang



Dr. Zisheng Lu



Project Description and Objectives

With the depletion of fossil fuels and the challenge of global warming, the worldwide community has taken initiatives to steer towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy is regarded as one of the most promising substitutes for traditional energy resources. However, its intermittent and unstable nature is a major drawback, which leads to a disparity between supply and demand. Energy storage is an appropriate method of correcting the disparity. To enhance the fraction of energy utilization and make solar energy products more practical and attractive, thermal storage systems today are perceived as crucial components in solar energy applications. 


The objectives of the project are to develop new, highly efficient energy storage, such as multi-step sorption energy storage.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have basic knowledge of adsorption technologies, etc.
  • The interested student should be at ease with CAD or 3D software.
  • Excellent writing and speaking communication are essential


Main Tasks

Be familiar with adsorption technology.

Can propose a new design, analyze it and optimize the designs.

Carry out simulations of different design concepts.

Write a technical report on the results.





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