Summer Research Internship
Project 3 Personal Urban Mobility Access

Contact Information

Dr. Wei Chen 



Project Description and Objectives

PACE strives to educate and inspire students on the necessities of global collaboration and to foster awareness of current and developing social and economic pressures. In this effort, the PACE Global Leadership Committee provides collaborative experiences to enhance and advance the educational experience for participating students in marketing, design and engineering education today. In the interest of continuous improvement, the committee strives to improve next year’s project based on previous years’ learning outcomes and lessons learned. The Global PACE Teams also apply continuous improvement by learning from their predecessors and by providing insights, concepts, and prototypes to their successors.


The first year of the project focuses on market assessment, customer (user) needs definition, design concept development, engineering packaging, feasibility studies and manufacturing studies. In the second year, teams focus on more detailed engineering and manufacturing analyses as they build the fully functional prototype, maintaining fidelity to the original design concept.


Eligibility Requirements

  • The interested student should have a basic knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.


Main Tasks

Engage in team building activity to foster collaboration

Design a solution that will address the first mile/last mile transportation needs for a target market





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