Global Summer School
S002 China Studies

Duration: 2017.7.6-2017.8.3 (4 weeks) 


Campus: Xuhui


Course Description
Whilst China has been undergoing a series of significant changes and challenges since the 1840s, the pioneering role of Shanghai has always been a microcosm of China’s developmental process. Telling China Story, from the perspective of Shanghai, to the globe would largely reflect on sociocultural changes towards Sino-foreign conflicts, urban development, literature and life narratives etc. This programme combines specialists from the School of Humanities in the fields of literature, history, and geography in order to advance students’ understandings of how China marches into the twentieth-first century.  



  • Understand China’s development process by the perspective of globalizing Shanghai;
  • Know China’s changes through Transcultural Literature, Overseas Chinese and Chinese Sojourners in the Global;
  • Discover the relationship between Chinese character and ‘The Hexi Corridor on the silk and Jade Road’;
  • One filed trip on the introduction of Chinese culture;
  • One cultural investigation filed trip.



Dr. Yannan Ding  


Dr. Ding is a lecturer holding a Ph.D in Geography, KU Leuven. He has several publications in leading peer-reviewed journals, among which 4 are in SSCI journals. Principal Investigator of the “SJTU - KU Leuven Joint Research Program 2015-2017.”


Dr. Liandong Guo  


Dr. Guo is an Associate Professor, Ph.D in modern Chinese Literature and Inter-Cultural Communication, Fudan University. She spent one year as a visiting scholar in the Confucius Institute at Purdue University in the US. Additionally, she published more than 10 journal articles, many of them in premier high citation Chinese journals in the field of modern Chinese literature. Further, Dr. Guo is currently leading a five-person team undertaking a two-year Chinese Culture study project sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.


Prof. Jialin Liu  


Professor Liu obtained his Ph.D in Comparative Literature, Nanjing University. His publications include Nabokov's Poetic World (Shanghai People's Press, 2012). He is now the director of USA section in the Major Project for National Social Science Fund "Compilation and Research of Overseas Life Writing on Modern Chinese People."


Prof. Yunxia Wang   


Professor Wang is an Associate professor, Ph.D in architecture history, Tongji University. Her publications include The Study of Buddhism Architecture Development During the Han-Tang Period (Fo Kwang Mountain Foundation 2003), The Zen Temples in the South of YangTze River (English, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, 2009)


Prof. Zhaoyang Zhang   


Professor Zhang is an Associate professor who obtained his Ph.D degree from UC Berkley University. He edited Construction of China’s Early Civil Law(China University of Political science and Law Publisher, 2014).


Prof. Chih-yun Chang  


Professor Chang is a distinguished research fellow with a Ph.D in history from the   University of Bristol. His publications include Government, Imperialism and Nationalism in China (Routledge, 2012) and An Eyewitness Account of War and Revolution: The Chinese Journals of L K Little, 1943-54 (Pickering & Chatto, 2015);Published five AHCI/SSCI articles.


Performance and engagement in class, 60%
Fieldwork Report or Course Dissertation, 40%


Program Director : Prof. Jialin Liu (
Program Coordinator: Ms. Jingjing Liu(

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