Global Summer School
S001 Discovering Chinese Creativity

Duration: 2017.7.6-2017.8.3 (4 weeks)


Campus: Xuhui


Course Description: 
This course contains three parts: art, technology and management, with various teaching approaches such as in-class instruction, filed trips, case analysis and multi-cultural perspectives, to inspire students’ creativity. Artists, designers, and entrepreneurs from the creative industry in China and abroad work together to launch this four-week Chinese culture and creative industry experience program. While learning from master artists and senior designers, and entrepreneurs, students will have the opportunity to accomplish a design project from a Chinese enterprise under the guidance of masters, and seek possible career opportunities in China.



  • Practice Chinese Bird-and-flower painting and Chinese Chromatology;
  • Understand the history of Western and Asian Art;
  • Introduce the origin and development of major philosophical themes in the traditional schools of Chinese philosophy and religion such as Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and Monism;
  • Understand Artificial intelligence and smart photo assistance with real sense pose suggestion;
  • Practice of cultural and creative industry management through the creative industry field trip.



Pro. Renzuo Zhan       


Professor Renzuo Zhan, is a master of Chinese Flower-and Bird Painting. His works are collected by Chinese and foreign dignitaries, such as William Jefferson Clinton (42nd President of the USA), Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (famous Anti-apartheid Revolutionary Politician), Lee Kuan Yew (1st Prime Minister of Singapore), Nakasone Yasuhiro (71st – 73rd Prime Minister of Japan), Chen-Ning Franklin Yang (Winner of 57th Nobel Prize in Physics), etc. Since 1996, Professor Zhan has been teaching Chinese Painting on the Education TV Channel. He has published dozens of teaching textbooks, among which Chinese Flower and Bird Painting Introduction won the Outstanding Publication Award issued by China’s Ministry of Education and General Administration of Press and Publication. He is honored as “the most popular professor” by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Mr. Qi Wang      


Mr. Qi Wang is a representative of the young Chinese painters born in the 1970s. In his early years, he studied painting with the world renowned watercolor master Chen Chi, from whom he received the skill of “applying western learning on the foundation of Chinese culture.” In the past decade, he studied with Zhan Renzhuo, the master of Chinese flower and bird painting, with a focus on the traditional painting and calligraphy. For more than twenty years, he has been devoted to art and teaching art courses at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a school famous for its science and engineering disciplines. After studying the essence of the modern western painting, he has refocused on Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy. By developing an original set of expressions, Wang has become a unique talent in the Chinese painting circle.


Mr. Ouchul Hwang 


Ms. Hwang is a prolific and influential painter, sculptor and poet who has created over 2000 works, many acknowledged as pinnacles. They include abstract paintings, drawings, calligraphy, sculptures, ceramics, illustrated children's books, poetry and imagery , including 'Painter's Dream', 'A King of No Kingdom', and the full-length screenplays 'Tear, Love, Smile', 'I am Beautiful', ‘November’, ‘Too Late Beach’ and 'I Mean It'. 
His work is noted for its sensory components and often reflects the activities, dreams and turbulence in his own life. During his many travels he was influenced by different kinds of people, developing a brilliance and maturity of style that encompasses the light and gracefulness along with the dark and passionate. 


Prof. Kai Yu      


Professor Kai Yu is a senior member of IEEE, a member of ISCA and the IET. He is also a member of the technical committee of Language, Auditory and Music Branch of the Acoustic Society of China, and a member of the technical committee of the Speech Technology Industry Union. He was selected into the “1000 Overseas Talent Plan (Young Talent)” by Chinese central government in 2012. He was also selected into the Programme for Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning. 


Prof. Bin Sheng       



Professor Sheng received his Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in 2011 and his M.Sc Computer and Information Science, from the University of Macau in 2007. His research interests mainly focus on GPU Processing, Image-based Modeling and Rendering, Animation, Image Processing, and Natural Phenomenon Simulation/Non-photorealistic Rendering. He was a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo in 2009 and TU Braunschweig, Germany in 2010. Currently, his mainly research work is on the program of smart photo shooting.


Ms. Haoqing Wang      



Ms. Wang had extensive working experience in media management, multinational corporate communication and creative communication fields before she joined SJTU. At present, she is a visiting scholar at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (U.S.). Her research focuses on creative urban planning and cultural creative industry development, including Internet and new media communication, urban marketing, and creative city among others. 
In the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Ms. Haoqing Wang acted as the Creative Director and Press Spokesman of China pavilion. She has published a variety of books, such as The Road to Interactive Innovation, Spirit of Enterprise and Strength of Entrepreneurship.


Ms. Tianqi Yu    



Ms. Yu is a filmmaker and scholar. YU received an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D. from the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, from the University of Westminster. 
Her research focuses on documentaries, Chinese cinema, amateur cinema, and cinematic memory. Her work appears in Journals of Chinese Cinemas, Studies in Documentary Film, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art among others. YU is the co-editor of China's iGeneration: Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century (2014) and co-translator of Chinese version of China on Screen. She is completing her monograph ‘My’ Self On Camera: First Person Documentary Practice in 21st century China (Edinburgh University Press). Her film works include Photographing Shenzhen (2007, Discovery), Memory of Home (2009, collected by DSLCollection), and feature length documentary film China’s van Gogh (2016).


Dr. Anthony Thomas McKenna    


Dr. Mckenna holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies, University of Nottingham, and received an MA in Film Studies/ Film Archiving from the University of East Anglia. Previously, he taught at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Trinity College Dublin, Shanghai International Studies University, he also worked as a research associate in University of West England from 2010-2012. As for Academic activity, Dr. Anthony is Chair of the Paper Group in the Centre for the Study of Political Ideology of University of Nottingham. He serves as Peer Reviewer for Sage Open. He has expertise in Film and Cultural Industries, East Asian Cinemas, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Showmanship, British Cinema, Cult Cinema, Film History, and Cinematic Memory.


1)Chinese Bird-and-flower painting

Class Participation (10%)
Group Exercises & Presentations (25%) 
Final Project (35%)
Painting and Sketching (30%)


2)Chinese Chromatorogy
Class Participation (10%)
Group Exercises & Presentations (25%) 
Final Project (35%)
Painting and Sketching (30%)


3)History of Art, Chinese History, Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy
Class Participation (20%)
Group Exercises & Presentations (25%) 
Final Presentation (55%)


4)Field Trip Survey on Creative Industry
Attendance (5%)
Participation (20%)
Group performance (25%)
Assignments (50%)


Program Director : Mr. Weimin Zhang (
Program Coordinator : Ms. Li Chen (

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