Global Summer/Winter School
S0211 Chinese Traditional Exercise and Health

Session A

Course Title: S0211 Chinese Traditional Exercise and Health

Duration:  2019.7.11-2019.7.26 (2 weeks)

Campus: Minhang 


Course Description

This course aims to introduce history, basic principles, basic methods, the philosophy of Chinese traditional exercise, and reviewing the evidence of using Chinese traditional exercise in improving well-being, the prevention and treatment for metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, anxiety, depression, mood and cognitive functioning. Meanwhile, through the system of technical teaching and practice, the students can master some typical Chinese traditional exercise, such as Tai Ji, Kungfu and Ba Duan Jin.



  • Tours of Chinese Martial Arts Museum.


  • Sharing ideas with a master of Chinese traditional exercise, and experience delicate Oriental culture.


  • By the end of this 2-week study experience, students should have basic knowledge and understanding of the history, philosophy, and future of urban horticulture in Shanghai and in China.


  • Practice and learn Chinese traditional exercise with the masters, and master at least one typical Chinese traditional exercise.



Prof.Sulin CHENG


Dr. Cheng is a Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a professor of Health Science and Technology at the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Dr. Cheng’s research spans a wide range of disciplines including body composition, physical activity, nutrition, public health, endocrinology, physiology and genetics. Dr. Cheng has conducted several multidisciplinary and multi-center projects in Finland, USA, and China in the field of body composition related health and technology issues spanning from childhood to old age. She also has conducted several exercise, dietary, and drug interventions in patients with metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, sleep disorder, prediabetes, diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. She has given lectures related to Chinese traditional medicine and exercise.


Prof.Zuohui WEN


Professor Zuohui Wen is a former director of Department of Wushu at Chengdu Institute of Physical Education. Professor Wen is a Chinese Wushu Eight paragraphs, and an International A-level martial arts referee. Now as Deputy Director of the Chinese Wushu Association's referee Committee, a member of the martial arts branch of the Chinese Academy of Physical Education, members of the qualification appraisal Group of Sichuan Sports Science Professors, a vice chairman of Sichuan Province and Chengdu Wushu Association. She was awarded as "National Wushu Outstanding Referee" by the State Administration of Sport during 1997-2001, an "Excellent Referee in the Sichuan province" in 1998, and twice awarded by the State Sports administration of Wushu Management Center as one of the "National Top Ten Referees".


Prof.Dinghai YU

Professor Dinghai Yu is a Chinese Martial Arts Nine paragraphs, Chinese Fitness Qigong Nine Paragraphs, and Martial Arts National Feferee, Fitness Qigong national referee. He is a Shanghai Institute of Physical Education level two professor, a former director of Scientific Research Department of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, Dean of Wushu Academy, and a curator of The Chinese Martial Arts Museum. Currently, Professor Yu is the Director of the Scientific Research Committee of China Health Qigong Association. He has chaired more than 30 projects including the World Health Organization (WHO) research project, the National Natural Science Foundation project, and the National Social Science Fund project. He has more than 60 national and international publications, and more than 20 national textbooks. He won the 2008 and 2013 China Sports Science Society Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, and the 2006 and 2009 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, as well as the National Sport Administration teaching Achievements second-class award".Professor Yu has been the International Martial Arts Competition and the International Fitness Qigong Competition General Referee and Arbitration Director. He has been invited to the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Taiwan and 20 more other countries to teach Taijiquan and fitness Qigong.



Attendance: 15%

Participation in question discussion: 30%

Demonstration: 20%

Final program summary: 35%



Program Director : Prof. Sulin Cheng (

Program Coordinator: Dr. Xiaowei Ojanen (

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