Global Summer/Winter School
S0210 Knowing Satellite by Cubesat


Session A

Course Title: S0210 Knowing Satellite by Cubesat

Duration: 2019.7.11-2019.7.26 (2 weeks) 

Campus: Minhang


Course Description

Currently, Cubesat with a 10 cm cube (10×10×10 cm3) and a mass of up to 1.33 kg has become the lowest cost turnkey access to Space, which has become the most popular educational tool or low cost technology demonstration platform that could be developed and launched within a short period. The course aims to train participants to study space technology and satellite engineering by Cubesat technology. Satellite engineering practice will be the basic baseline of the course. In the course, the professional satellite engineer will serve as an instructor to share satellite engineering experiences. Participants have the opportunity to experience the process beginning from the practical design, assembly, integration, and test of satellites. Studen’ts will also learn how to operate and control the satellite via being shown in a Satellite Station. Meanwhile the course will give the chance to explore and discuss New Space technologies, and carry your innovation invention or idea into future real space missions. The course will provide an opportunity for participants to understand the satellite, inspire more interest in space, and explore the new space technologies.






  • A real satellite will be used during the course.


  • An opportunity to explore new space technologies, and carry your innovation invention or idea into the future real space missions.


  • A chance to operate and control the satellite via a Satellite Station.


  • General engineer of a Satellite mission will be the main instructor, some key engineering experiences will be shared.



Prof. ShuFan WU


Dr. Shufan Wu is currently the Chair Professor at SJTU and Director of The Smart Satellite Technology Centre (SSTC). Wu mainly focuses on micro/nano satellite technologies and applications. On Sept 25th 2015, his team launched 3 Cube Satellites, called STU-2 mission or TW-1 mission, from Jiuquan, China, as the first bunch of CubeSats in China, targeting CubeSat technologies and application for Earth observation and marine/air traffic monitoring. Before joining SJTU, he worked for the Shangai Engineering Centre for microsatellites for 4 years, he was also with the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands for 11 years, he spent an additional 3 years at the Surrey Space Centre in UK for, and 2 more years at the TU Braunschweig in Germany. He served also as associate and full professor at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) for 6 years after his PhD program from NUAA. He is an associate fellow with the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics).


Dr. ZhongCheng MU

Dr. ZhongCheng Mu, senior satellite system engineer, is currently with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as an associate researcher and the member of Smart Satellite Technology Centre (SSTC). Mu graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China, has since published 15 papers and 4 patents. As the system engineer he attended the STU-2 Cubesat project, which was launched successfully into the orbit on Sep. 25. 2015, as the first networking CubeSat mission in China. Meanwhile at the end of 2014 he was awarded the title of Shanghai science and technology talent. He has finished three research projects for the micro/nano-satellite technologies. Currently he is in charge of an intelligent satellite mission, which is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2018.



Attendance: 15%

Participation in question discussion: 20%

Visit report: 30%

Final program summary: 35%



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Program Coordinator: Dr. ZhongCheng Mu (      

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