Global Summer/Winter School
S025 China Design

Session A

Course Title: S025 China Design

Duration: 2019.7.11-2019.7.26 (2 weeks)

Campus: Minhang 


Course Description

China is now a large manufacturing country, and many international brands have factories in China. On the basis of being a manufacturing country, China should step forward towards becoming a manufacturing power. On the basis of simple manufacturing, the country should pay more attention to the power of design.  As only design can inject innovative elements into the manufacturing process, enhance the brand influence, and ultimately promote the development of China's manufacturing industry/related industries. Therefore, we hope that through the course "China Design" students will come to understand the development and achievements of design in China. This will be achieved by teaching international advanced design concepts combined with intelligent manufacturing, smart city, digital construction, and other hot spot fields.  With this the course aims to show the significance of Chinese design and encourages students to think about the future of design in China.



  • Studying at Shanghai jiao Tong University to experience campus culture and learn Chinese culture.


  • Tours of Shanghai Bund architecture, some design companies and individual studios…etc to allow students to gage a general understanding regarding the development of “China Design”.


  • Students from different countries can work together with others and exchange their ideas.


  • We will offer some classes about the Chinese design, Chinese property market and architecture regulation to those who are interested to work in China in the future.



Prof. Wenjun MA


Prof. Ma Wenjun is a Professor of Architecture Department of Design College in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He received his bachelor, master and doctor degrees from Tongji University (Urban Planning), and gained his postdoctoral degree from Fudan University (Applied Economics). His main research fields are urban planning and design, urban development strategy and management, urban programming, and some smart city related fields.



    Attendance: 20%

    Participation in question discussion: 30%

    Final program summary: 50%



    Program Director : Prof. Ma Wenjun (

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