Global Summer/Winter School
S031 Discover Chinese Culture Through Creative Drama

Duration: 2018.7.11-2018.8.3 (3 weeks)


Campus: Xuhui 


Course Description: 


This course aims to cultivate participants’ aesthetic taste and knowledge of classical Chinese art, develop their multi-cultural perspective and inspire their creativity through an innovative project. The project-oriented courses consist of a mixture of theoretical classes, hands-on workshops and on-site visits which are run by professors and experts from universities in the cultural and creative industry. The program is designed to introduce participants to the best Chinese cultural practices by providing a unique opportunity for participants to perform creative drama and to develop a network of cultural and creative industry contacts in China.



  • Use techniques from storytelling, music, dance and theatre ass well as elements from classic Chinese culture to perform creative drama and get inspired;

    Explore their creativity through progressive Chinese culture awareness by taking a diverse range of courses and get a brand-new perspective of the world, life and values;

  • Understand Chinese culture and drama via hands-on workshops and rich experimental activities rather than being taught pure theatrical knowledge;

  • Be assigned certain creative goals to complete a creative drama performance altogether and be reviewed by professors from universities, industry professionals and representatives as a reward.



Prof. ZHOU Bin ( Academic Director )

Dr. Zhou Bin, born in Shanghai in November 1964, Ph.D, is currently a professor of Chinese calligraphy education at the USC-SJTU Institute of cultural and creative industry at Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is a researcher at the research center of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Chinese Society of Psychology, the Shanghai Calligraphers Association and deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Psychology and Shanghai and City Youth Calligraphers Association’s vice chairman in the Shanghai Youth Literature and Art Association.


Ms. WAN Zi ( Drama Director)

The producer of the Chinese version of a very famous musical ‘Mamma Mia’.


Prof. MU Yilin ( Art Director )

Prof. MU Yilin ( born 1944 in Shanghai ), a member of the Chinese Art Association, is the representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage like traditional Chinese painting ( Bo Painting ,) as well as the executive director of the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association. His inheritance and research, since 1983, into ancient Chinese Bo Painting created a unique modern Bo Painting art and has made a significant contribution to the renaissance of Chinese painting in the world. His artworks are collected by world-famous dignitaries. Professor Mu also won the first prize of the international Chinese Exhibition held by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the first prize of the Shanghai Art Exhibition and more.


Prof. SU Jincheng

Dr. Su is a member of the China National Academy of Sculpture, China Literature and Art Critics Association and the Shanghai Artist Association. He is a master of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, as well as a postgraduate supervisor at the College of Fine Arts at the Shanghai University. His artworks are exhibited and collected by foreign dignitaries and institutions from China, Japan, Italy and so on. Dr. Su is the dean of Shanghai Huixin Mercy Painting and Calligraphy College. For many years he engaged in public welfareundertakings, and was awarded a placement amongst the ‘Shanghai Top 10 volunteers’ and a nomination for ‘The 100 most beautiful volunteers of China’.


Associate Prof. LI Yan

Prof. LI is a national second grade actor. She is also an opera figure teacher (opera figure is a fundamental course containing over 300 different types of traditional Chinese opera. It optimizes an actor’s coordination and beauty with the rhythm.) for the Shanghai Theater Academy’s Traditional (Chinese) Opera School. Ms. LI is the leader of the opera figure subject, and she has won the National Art Awards several times. She is also the opera figure lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and many European and American training programs.



Dr. Amarantidou is a young Confucian scholar. She has a Ph.D in Chinese philosophy from the East China Normal University. She was invited to attend the "Gasification · feel through time: Zhuangzi and Confucianism - ancient and modern change forum second workshop", the first International Youth Confucian Forum and other meetings. Her translation work inculdes "Chinese philosophy twenty stresses", "contemporary Chinese philosophy research: 1949-2009" etc.




Attendance: 20%

Participation (Performance in class): 30%

Assignment: 30% (Group or Individual Assignment depending on courses)

Final program summary: 20%



Program Coordinator: Amber DONG (

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