Global Summer/Winter School
S024 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture

Duration: 2018.7.11-2018.7.26 (2 weeks)


Campus: Xuhui


Course Description

The course, traditional Chinese medicine and culture, aims to introduce the characteristic theories and thoughts, therapies and processing of traditional Chinese medicine and medical material (TCM). This includes the history, social and cultural background of traditional Chinese medicine and spreading the knowledge and culture of traditional Chinese medicine.




  • Open CNMOOC for learner all over the world and the offline part is divided into flipped classroom, practical teaching, academic seminar and TaiJiQuan learning;


  • Understand the origin and development of traditional Chinese medicine;


  • Understand the Yin-Yang concept and Wu Xing theory of traditional Chinese medicine;


  • Experience acupuncture;


  • Teach and Practice Taijiquan;


  • Introduce the methods for nourishing of life and improve physical and mental health.




Dr. Chongsheng Peng

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Dr. Chongsheng Peng is the associate professor of the School of Pharmacy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and is an expert of both SJTU General Education course and storehouse of China Association of Pharmaceutical Education (CAPE). He received his Ph.D. at the West China University of Medical Science and a bachelor’s degree from the Anhui University of Chinese Medicine. He was a visiting scholar (2005-2006) at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and University of Queensland. In addition, his course “Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chinese Culture” has been regarded as key course for general education in Shanghai since April, 2015, and key course at SJTU since 2012. The course is also available globally on the four MOOC platforms of Coursera, China MOOC (CNMOOC), Zhihuishu and Ewant. The English version of this course was successfully developed to be the first international course with blended learning for universties at 21 summer schools in 2016 and has attracted more than 130 students online and 65 students joining offline, hands-on practices from 18 universities in 11 countries.



Online (quiz) 50%

Offline(classroom interaction, summary report and oral presentation)  50%


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Program Director : Dr. Lei Fu (

Program Coordinator : Dr. Haiying Sun (

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