Global Summer/Winter School
S022 China’s Public Policy and City Governance

Duration: 2018.7.11-2018.7.26 (2 weeks)


Campus: Xuhui


Course Description

This course focuses on issues that are currently important in Chinese political development and government reformation with an interdisciplinary approach to examining China. Through seminars, field trips, and other activities, students have the opportunity to experience traditional Chinese culture and conduct an in-depth analysis of public policy with Chinese experts. It covers the following areas: public policy analysis; Shanghai governance case studies; a field trip to visit urban communities ; traditional cultural activities including a tea ceremony, calligraphy, and or Chinese cooking.




  • 8 lectures from distinguished Chinese experts to share their latest research result on public policy and city governance;

  • 2 field trips to the City Planning Exhibition Hall and urban communities;

  • Group research experience with Chinese master or Ph.D. candidates in two weeks;

  • Cultural trips during weekend to experience the local culture;

  • By the end of this 2-week study experience, students should have basic knowledge and understanding of public policies and city governance in Shanghai and in China.




Prof. Yang Zhong



Dean Professor Yang Zhong is a Changjiang Chair Professor rewarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Zhiyuan Chair Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tenured professor of Political Science at the University of Tennessee. His main research interests include local governance in China, political culture, and political participation. He is co- author of two scholarly books: Local Government and Politics in China (M. E. Sharpe, 2003) and Political Culture and Participation in Rural China (Routledge Press, 2012).

Prof. Bo Peng


Vice Dean of the school of international and public affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His main research fields include local politics, urban studies and public policy analysis. He is the co-author of two scholarly books: Local Government and Politics in China(M.E.Sharpe.2003) and Political Culture and Participation in Rural china(Routledge Press,2012). His articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Asian Survey, Journal of Contemporary China, China: An International Journal, and PS: Political Science and Politics.   


Prof. Hua Zheng


Prof. ZHENG’s research field is in the contemporary diplomacy of China, Sino-US relations and Political communication. She has written a book about China-US rapprochement named Summit Diplomacy: Discourse Analysis on Sino-US Leaders’ Negotiation 1969-1972 (Shanghai People Publishing House, 2008). She has been conducting research on discourse power in shaping public opinion and influence on foreign policies since 2010.





Attendance: 30%

Participation in question discussion: 20%

Group presentation: 40%

Final program summary: 10%




Program Director : Prof. Bo Peng( )

Program Coordinator: Ms. Jingjing Peng( )

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