Summer Research Internship
Project 37:Mechanisms of new targets in tumor metastasis and development of therapeutic methods
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Contact Information

Dr. Junsong Chen



Project Description and Objectives

Our lab focuses on searching for drug targets which can inhibit tumor metastasis. Prior work has indicated that AEP has a great effect on breast cancer metastasis. Therefore, future work will focus on searching for small molecule inhibitors of AEP, an antitumor prodrug, and therapeutic antibodies. In addition, the work will provide in-depth understanding of the mechanism of the AEP in a tumor microenvironment and tumor-associated macrophage.

This project mainly focuses on searching for the inhibitors of Bcl-2 (including natural products and derivatives), setting up appropriate tumor animal models to study efficacy and the molecular mechanisms of microwave hyperthermia chemotherapy and microwave hyperthermia immunotherapy. Through the usage of clinical trials, our research will provide theoretical support for the new tumor therapy.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested students should have basic knowledge of molecular biology and technology.


Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Give two research presentations (a. references review; b. technical presentation).

Submit one paper to a journal as a co-author.





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