Summer Research Internship
Project 36: Tuning Neural Stem Cells with Physical and Biochemical Cues
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Contact Information

Prof. Yongting Wang


Prof. Yaohui Tang



Project Description and Objectives

Cells reside in a multifactorial environment where they respond to various niche inputs to change their fate and functions. Cell niche is a multifactorial environment encompassing complex interactions between biochemical and physical cues. Although extensive studies have examined the individual effects of biochemical or physical cues on cell fate, how biochemical and mechanical signals work together to influence cell fate remains largely unknown. This project aims to investigate the effects of different biomaterials with various physical (mechanical) and biochemical (ligand) cues on the functions (such as proliferation and differentiation) of neural stem cells. The students will join a team of graduate students and research faculty members. Techniques used in this project will include but not limit to stem cell culture, hydrogel preparation, cell assays, and data analysis.


Eligibility Requirements

Must be at least in their sophomore year.

Cell culture experience is desirable.


Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Give two research presentations, (one on literature review, one on research progress).

Attend weekly lab meetings and carry out experiments.



Lab: N/A


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