Summer Research Internship
Project 35: Techniques for Multimodal Neuroimaging and Neuromudulation
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Contact Information

Prof.  Shanbao TONG


Project Description and Objectives

The neural engineering laboratory is focusing on developing techniques to study the questions in basic and clinical neurosciences.  The students are expect to join one of the following projects:

  1. Neural image analysis (EEG, fMRI or fNIR) to study the brain in a cognitive task or following a brain injury and rehabilitation;

  2. Optical neurovascular imaging techniques and instrumentation. The aims are to develop multimodal optical neurovascular imaging and implement in research- or clinical-oriented systems.

  3. Transcranial ultrasound stimulation. The aims of this project are to either work on system design or experimental research.

    The students are required to have fundamental training in engineering, e.g. data analysis or hardware design.


    Eligibility Requirements

    The students should have the motivations of using engineering and technologies to solve biomedical problems.

    A prerequisite of engineering training, e.g. data analysis (using Matlab toolbox), or hardware design, or neurosciences, or physics are desirable .


    Main Tasks

    Within the 6 six weeks, the students are required work with the graduate students under the supervision of the mentor(s), to working on one of the above projects. The students need attend the regular lab meetings, and make weekly report to the mentor(s). By the end of the intern, a project report should be submitted.





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