Summer Research Internship
Project 35: Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation and Applications
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Contact Information

Dr. Shanbao Tong 



Project Description and Objectives

It has been discovered that low intensity ultrasound is able to effectively activate or inhibit the neuronal activities in a specific location, which has a great potential in biomedical applications. Nevertheless, there are still lots of technical issues to be solved, including the roles of the parameters of the ultrasound and the mechanisms of the interactions between ultrasound and neurons. This project aims to explore the mechanisms of transcranial ultrasound stimulation and apply it as an innovative neural intervention tool in neurologic diseases, e.g. stroke, depress or Parkinson’s Disease. The students will join a team of graduate students and research faculty members in this project. The laboratory will offer the opportunity for technical training, human and/or animal experimentation and data analysis.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least in their sophomore year.

  • Biomedical related background is desirable.


    Main Tasks

    Paper reading.

    Experiment data recording and analysis.

    Submit a report.





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