Summer Research Internship
Project 34: Adsorption of Trivalent Antimony from Aqueous Solution Using Amidoxime-modified Polyacrylonitrile
Release time:2017-10-12 Read the number:5848

Contact Information

Prof. Jiahui Shao



Project Description and Objectives

In recent decades, antimony (Sb) contamination in printing and dyeing wastewater has attracted people's attention. Conventional techniques to remove Sb from water include reverse osmosis, electrodeposition, precipitation/coagulation, membrane filtration and adsorption. Adsorption is one of the best available treatment technologies, because it is simple, safe, compact, easy to operate and highly efficient. The traditional adsorbents, such as biomass carbon, zeolite, metal mineral adsorbent, have the disadvantages of low adsorption capacity and small adsorption rate. Therefore, we developed a new organic adsorbent-the modified PAN with amidoxime group to remove antimony ions from wastewater. In batch experiment, the modified PAN had a good adsorption, which is a promising candidate for the removal of Sb from water.

Eligibility Requirements

Environmental engineering.

Chemical engineering.

Polymer material.

Main Tasks

Synthesis, characterization and performance test of new adsorbent.





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