Summer Research Internship
Project 33: Mechanism Analysis for the Pollutant Mass Transfer and Removal in Extractive Membrane Bioreactor
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Contact Information

Prof. Jiahui Shao     



Project Description and Objectives

Extractive membrane bioreactor (EMBR) is a novel combination of membrane and biodegradation, which is suitable to separate and treat the organic pollutant from organic-inorganic composite wastewater. In our previous study, porous electrospun membrane was fabricated to achieve a high mass transfer of organic pollutant and a high rejection of inorganic. However, the internal mechanism of this porous membrane on separation and rejection still need to be investigated.


Eligibility Requirements

Motivation to experiment.

Majors in chemical engineering or environmental engineering.


Main Tasks

Investigate the internal mechanism for mass transfer.

Investigate the optimal condition for mass transfer.




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