Summer Research Internship
Project 33:Viticulture and Enology
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Contact Information

Dr. Yu Gao



Project Description and Objectives

The center of Viticulture and Enology will offer the visiting students the opportunity to practice their knowledge and techniques on a number of grapevine-related fields, including the grape germplasm maintenance, molecular breeding, functional gene investigation, grape seedling breeding, vineyard maintenance, winemaking process, analysis of aromatic and nutritional compounds in grape and wine, grape wine sensory analysis and wine culture. From this program, students can become familiar with the whole industrial process from vine to wine and may discover their future career path in the field.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Have completed at least two years of undergraduate or one year of postgraduate study in agricultural, biology, or other related fields.

  • Are interested in viticulture and enology.

  • Meet the specific skills required by the supervisor if any.

  • Fluence in English (no language proficiency test is required), an online interview may be needed in the selection process.


Main Tasks

Finish a professional report.

Give two oral presentations.






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