Summer Research Internship
Project 32:Vegetation and Aerosol Fine Particles (PM2.5)
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Contact Information

Contact: Dr. Shan YIN



Project Description and Objectives

From previously conducted experiments, basic conclusions have been made that explain the connection between leaf properties and its particulate deposition capacities. Meanwhile, the variation of particles deposited by leaves and formed in air was found but its mechanism was not explained. Thus, to dig deeper the relationship between leaves and its mechanisms, the description of the process of particle variation may help in discovering and understanding how plants work as natural air-pollution filters.


This project mainly focuses on two subjects. The first is to find more properties to help decide which properties play a bigger role in dust deposition. The second is to figure out the process of particle variation chemically and physically. This project aims to lay a systematical foundation for the aerosol particle deposition of plants and the chemical and physical transformation of particles.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Basic or brief knowledge of environtology or ecology.

  • Able to reflect on experiments and conclusions.




Main Tasks

Finish the experiment assigned.

Give research presentations.

Compose one science paper.




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