Summer Research Internship
Project 30: Environmentally-Friendly Technology for Rapid On-line Recycling of Waste Plastics from E-waste using Near-infrared Spectroscopy
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Contact Information

Asso. Prof. Jia Li   



Project Description and Objectives

Electronic and electrical products, such as refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, personal computers, printers, and television sets, are ubiquitous in the modern society. Along with economic growth, ownership of electronics has been rapidly increasing around the world. At the same time, continuing technological innovation has resulted in early obsolescence of many electronic/electrical products; e.g., the average lifespan (2 yr) of a new computer in 2005 was less than half of that (4.5 yr) in 2000, and has been continually declining. A combination of increasing ownership and shortened lifespan has led to rapid growth in the amounts of unwanted and obsolete electronics (commonly known as e-waste). It was estimated that the rate of e-waste generation globally was approximately 40 million tons yr–1.  In this study, an environmental friendly equipment based on on-line dynamic recognition for recycling the waste white goods plastic stream (i.e. ABS, PS and PP mixture) will be established.


Eligibility Requirements

Experience in C#, MATLAB or python programming are preferred.


Main Tasks

Through set a variety of parameters, master three different techniques and principle of E-waste Recycling.

Use similar chemometric methods for plastics identification (LDA, PCA, least squares, etc.).





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