Summer Research Internship
Project 28:Computer Aided Drug Design
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Contact Information

Contact: Dr. Haifeng Chen



Project Description and Objectives

As drug development faces increasing challenges, computer aided drug design is a vital method in speeding up the discovery rate of new drugs. Therefore, training undergraduate students to master this method can help them to understand the process of drug design and develop new methods. In this project we are going to train the students with 3D-QSAR, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulation and construct a robust prediction model.

Main tasks during the internship: 1) Construct a robust drug prediction model for several diseases and 2) Compare with the previous works.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested students should have basic knowledge of molecular biology and should be familiar with at least one programming language.


Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Give two research presentations (i. a technical presentation in the lab; i. a final presentation in the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology).






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