Summer Research Internship
Project 28: Chemical Characterization Technology Based on Attenuation Contrast of X-ray
Release time:2017-10-12 Read the number:6199

Contact Information

Asso. Prof. Mingxu Xia



Project Description and Objectives

The project focuses on the characterization technology of X-ray based on attenuation contrast. Chemical composition distribution of raw materials is of great importance to the performance of the actuator. Due to the non-transparent feature of raw materials for actuator, the performance of the products remains unknown till the failure observed. In this project, a characterization technology will be developed based on attenuation contrast of X-ray penetrating raw materials. Imaging analysis will be used and the contrast of the interest of point on the image will be formulized with chemical composition. The success of the project will stimulate a new in-situ characterization technology for industry. This study aims to establish a practical R&D sockets for this state-of-art characterization system.


Eligibility Requirements:

Interested students should have a basic knowledge of imaging analysis.

Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Give two research presentation (a. references review; b. technical presentation).

A demo program with preliminary characterization technology.





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