Summer Research Internship
Project 27: Automated Construction Systems of High Rising Building
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Contact Information

Prof.  Jian Yang



Project Description and Objectives

The total output value of construction industry accounts for 5.7% of global GDP, but the productivity of construction industry has been declining in the past 30 years. Automated construction systems provide a modern and efficient way to build the high rise buildings in the urban city. The favorite benefits this type of system can offer include significant reduction in wastes, improved safety at site and more controllable quality of construction projects.


The aim of this project is to develop a virtual control system for the automated construction equipment by utilizing the digital innovations, including BIM, 3D laser scanning and multi-sensor technology.  The system should be capable of updating the building information model on a real-time basis by using 3D laser scanning and the robotic survey technology, and provide a synchronized monitoring system for equipment during operation by using multi-sensor technology.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge of building construction.

Studying civil engineering or architecture is preferable.


Main Tasks

To be familiar with BIM software.

To complete a research report.

To submit one paper to a journal as a co-author.



Lab: N/A


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