Summer Research Internship
Project 26: Modular Construction
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Contact Information

Prof.  Jian Yang



Project Description and Objectives

The technology and application of modular construction are developing rapidly. Modular construction is based on the three-dimensional units that are usually fabricated and fitted out in a factory and are delivered/assembled to the site as the main load-bearing elements for buildings. In the past, the main use of modular structures were for the mobile or temporary buildings. However, by the modern prefabricated construction technology using volumetric units, it is now used in a wide range of building types, from schools, hospitals and offices to high-rise residential buildings. This demand has been driven by the off-site nature of the of the construction process, which leads to quantifiable economic and sustainability benefits.


The project mainly investigates the design and assessment of modular construction using novel construction materials. It aims to introduce the key features of the modular construction and to offer trainings for students about how to design buildings using this new technology.


Eligibility Requirements

Interested students should have basic knowledge of building engineering.


Main Tasks

To complete design and drawing of buildings using modular construction. 

To check and validate the design adequacy and optimize the design.

To deliver a presentation about the design philosophy and demonstrate the novelty of design.



Lab: N/A



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