Summer Research Internship
Project 21: Neural Patterns among Different Cultures for EEG-based Emotion Recognition
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Contact Information

Prof. Bao-Liang Lu



Project Description and Objectives

Emotion plays a significant role in our daily life and has been described as the ‘driving force’ behind motivation, endowing meaning to all human interactions. As we all know, various environments and cultures influence a human’s physical peculiarity, the way humans think, and many other aspects. Humans all over the world may have different emotional patterns or possess similar emotional characteristics. Recently, multicultural research concerning emotion recognition has provided explanations for cross-cultural differences as well as similarities.

This project mainly investigates the emotional neural patterns among different cultures using EEG and eye movement signals. As we all know, facial expressions for different emotions are similar all over the world regardless of culture. The study aims to find out whether people sharing the same emotion have similar neural patterns and to discover more facts about human emotions.


Eligibility Requirements

Interested students should have basic knowledge of machine learning.


Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Carry out at least 10 EEG experiments to collect emotional EEG and eye tracking data.

Analyze EEG and eye tracking data using machine learning methods.





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