Summer Research Internship
Project 21 Fabrication of Superhydrophobic nanofiber membrane and its application for removal of nonvolatile contaminant in water
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Contact Information

Prof. Jiahui Shao



Project Description and Objectives

Although Membrane Distillation (MD) has been extensively studied for desalination, it has other applications such as removing diverse of solutes from water and concentrating non-volatile substances. Emerging contaminants, such as various pharmaceutical or personal care products (PPCPs), could give rise to adverse ecological and human health impacts.  MD offers the possibility of producing a clean stream while concentrating emerging contaminants and pathogens present in wastewater in order to facilitate their chemical elimination. MD is a thermally driven separation process, driven by vapor pressure differences existing between the porous hydrophobic membrane surfaces. However, the current MD membrane still suffers from limitations such as low permeate flux rates and the wetting of the pores during the MD process. In this study, the super hydrophobic property of the membrane is obtained by adding surface-modifying macromolecules into the dope solution. The electrospinning technique is used to fabricate this kind of nanofiber membrane.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of chemistry/physics

  • Motivation to work

  • Majors in environmental engineering, chemical engineering or materials science are preferred


Main Tasks

Synthesis of surface-modifying macromolecules.

Fabrication of nanofibrous membrane using the electrospinning technique.

Characterization of the membrane and macromolecule.

Evaluation of membrane performance.





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