Summer Research Internship
Project 18: Computer Aided Diagnosis based on Artificial Intelligence and Medical Image Analysis
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Contact Information

Prof. Jie Yang  



Project Description and Objectives

With significant development of artificial intelligence in the recent years, also motivated by great demand from clinical practice, computer aided diagnosis becomes more and more important. Advances in artificial intelligence and medical imaging technology will greatly contribute to diagnosis for many diseases. Especially, computer aided diagnosis can reduce the disequilibrium of medical resources in China, where there is significant difference between the top hospitals and the rest and the main top hospitals are located in big cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing.

In this project, some important and typical problems will be investigated with close collaborations with hospitals and institutes abroad, including osteocarcinoma (with Renji Hospital), diabetic retinopathy (with Shanghai the First Hospital), Alzheimer's disease (with Chalmers University of Technology), chromosome mutation (Ruijin Hospital).

The objectives of this project consist of:

1) Study medical imaging process methods and artificial intelligence techniques for one particular diseases;

2) Experiments on clinical data with the developed techniques;

3) Interpretation analysis for the neural networks that trained for computer-aided diagnosis.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge on artificial intelligence and image processing.

Programming skills on python, C; experience on TensorFlow, PyTorch is preferred.



Main Tasks

Processing on clinical images and AI methods implantation.

Experiments on clinical data for one particular disease.

Interpretation analysis for the neural networks for clinical applications.





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